Tesla Model 3 playing Disney Plus video

Tesla Theater can be minimized to access other features in 2022.28 update

Tesla Model 3 playing Disney Plus video. (Photo: Andres GE and @tesla_truth/Twitter)

Tesla is introducing the ability to minimize the Theater function with the 2022.28 Software Update, so drivers can access other features without completely closing the application.

Tesla Theater is one of the most useful features of the company’s electric vehicles due to its ability to provide entertainment during traveling downtime. When Teslas are Supercharging during a road trip or even during the daily commute, it can take enough time that drivers are stuck with a few spare minutes with relatively nothing to do.

Of course, drivers can run inside a convenience store and grab a coffee or snack, but there could be as much as 20-30 minutes of charging time remaining. The Tesla Theater allows owners to watch YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming services while the vehicle is not in motion. First introduced with the massive v10 Software Update in December 2019, it was a huge step forward in accommodating drivers who had switched to electrification.

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However, the feature has been refined and continues to be the subject of improvement by Tesla’s software developers. One of the shortcomings of the Tesla Theater is that the streaming show or movie could not be minimized to access other features. Tesla is planning to change this.

According to NotATeslaApp, Tesla will introduce the ability to minimize the Theater with the 2022.28 Software Update, giving drivers the ability to plan their route, change vehicle settings, or turn on a heated seat, all while the movie or show you are watching continues to run in a minimized orientation.

The notes for the unreleased 2022.28 Software Update describe the Theater Mode improvements:

“Full-screen Theater Mode can now be minimized, allowing access to vehicle controls without video playback interruption. Tap the minimize button on the top left corner of the window to toggle full-screen mode.”

Tesla has not yet started rolling out the new software that will allow owners to minimize the Theater. However, it is expected to roll out to some owners in the coming weeks.

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Tesla Theater can be minimized to access other features in 2022.28 update
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