Tesla Gigafactory Berlin ground leveling project quietly nears completion

(Credit: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter)

It appears that Tesla is quietly nearing the completion of Gigafactory Berlin’s ground leveling activities. Despite the region being affected by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, work in Gigafactory 4 seems to be continuing, and the progress of the site has been substantial. 

Images taken from Tesla enthusiasts documenting the Giga Berlin site indicate that the Phase 1 zone of the upcoming electric car production facility is populated by numerous heavy equipment. Work appears to have been consistent over the weeks, and save for a few trees and sections where animals are currently residing, the entire area has practically been leveled. 

Tesla community member @Gf4Tesla, in a recent update, remarked that ground leveling activities for Giga Berlin Phase 1 seem to be on track to get finished by the end of the week. Other areas, such as the location where the upcoming electric car factory’s workers will be arriving and departing in, is also being renovated. 

Apart from the quiet progress of the Gigafactory Berlin site, Tesla’s facility has also received a boost from Brandenburg’s State Environmental Agency. According to recent reports, the government agency now wishes to grant advance permission for foundational construction at the GF4 site prior to final approval. 

A report from publication BZ Information further added that the environmental agency is looking to push Gigafactory Berlin despite the existence of 373 objections to the project. This is reportedly due to a positive forecast for the electric car factory’s final approval by the region’s Higher Administrative Court. While admirable, such a move does come with risks, as Tesla would have to dismantle everything it has built so far if its final permits are not granted by the courts. 

Gigafactory Berlin’s progress bodes well for the electric car maker. The auto market has pretty much been stuck in limbo due to the effects of the Coronavirus, which has spread across the globe. While several regions of Europe are locked down and social distancing is encouraged, Tesla’s work in Gigafactory Berlin has still continued. This may be due to the activities in the GF4 site not requiring groups of people to work together. Instead, most of the ongoing work relies on individuals operating heavy machinery, away from their colleagues. 

If Tesla were to follow Gigafactory Shanghai’s development, the next stage of the construction would involve a groundbreaking ceremony that was expected to be attended by executives such as CEO Elon Musk. Considering the ongoing C-19 pandemic, it may not be farfetched to speculate that a GF4 groundbreaking ceremony may be postponed or canceled altogether. Or if one does happen on schedule, it may be a ceremony with only a few executives in attendance. 

Check out recent drone flyovers of the Gigafactory Berlin site in the video below. 

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin ground leveling project quietly nears completion
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