Tesla Gigafactory 4 complex to include on-site train station: report

Tesla Gigafactory 4 Near Berlin (Source:Bild)

Tesla Gigafactory 4 may have its own train station, based on recent reports from Germany.

German publication Bild recently shared what appeared to be the layout of Gigafactory 4, which will be built in Brandenburg, a town roughly an hour east of Berlin. The image depicted several parts of the upcoming facility, including its battery and drivetrain assembly, seat assembly, and final assembly area. It also showed a train station and a possible Autobahn exit.

Tesla has not confirmed if Bild‘s information about Gigafactory Berlin is accurate, but if it holds water, the upcoming facility may very well prove to be one of the company’s most efficient factories yet. A train station provides the company with easy transportation of cargo and materials, while access to the Autobahn will allow easy deliveries of vehicles. Workers from nearby cities would likely find it easier to get to the facility as well.

Below is a quick translation of the labels on the factory layout above as shared by Twitter user @xDreamCoding.


Recent job postings hint that the electric car manufacturer may plan to produce its own battery cells in the upcoming facility. According to the listing, Tesla is looking for a senior process engineering lead who will be able to help create “novel detailed designs for a wide range of systems from electrolyte to high purity water, involving unit operations such as pump and compressor systems, reverse osmosis, distillation, heat transfer fluid systems, etc.”

The plans to build the Gigafactory 4 were first revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in November when he visited Germany to attend the Golden Steering Wheel Awards. Latest reports suggest that Tesla will build around 500,000 units annually in the 741-acre European facility with a focus on the Model Y crossover and the Model 3 sedan.

The purchase contract for the Gigafactory Berlin site is expected to be completed before the end of the year with a meeting of the Finance Committee set to be held as early as Dec. 17 or 18, according to Katrin Lange, Finance Minister of Brandenburg. Brandenburg Mayor Arne Christiani has also welcomed the developments, stating during an interview that Gigafactory 4 is “a unique opportunity for the region and for Brandenburg.”

The local government has also formed a special task force to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly and quickly.

Local newspapers reported that the electric vehicle maker will be pouring  $4.41 billion into the factory that will also help boost the country’s economy. The new facility is expected to create 3,000 jobs initially, eventually ramping all the way to 8,000.

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Tesla Gigafactory 4 complex to include on-site train station: report
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