Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s detractors are striking back by going to a higher court

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Despite being rejected by the administrative court of Frankfurt (Oder), environmental associations Naturschutzbund (Nabu) and the Green League announced on Wednesday that they are not giving up their battle against American electric car maker Tesla and its Gigafactory Berlin facility. The groups announced their intentions on Wednesday. 

Earlier this week, Tesla received a small victory after a court in Germany rejected an injunction filed by the Naturschutzbund (Nabu) and the Green League against Gigafactory Berlin. The groups were protesting a provisional permit granted to Tesla in early June, which gave the company permission to start limited functional tests of its vehicle production equipment. 

Nabu and the Green League appealed against the provisional permit over alleged safety concerns, but they were unsuccessful. With this in mind, the two groups have decided to escalate their efforts by taking their grievances against Tesla to the Higher Administrative Court (OVG). Spokesperson Christine Scheerhorn confirmed the receipt of the two groups’ complaints. 

Tesla has not received final approval for Gigafactory Berlin yet, though expectations are extremely high that one would be granted in the near future. As per an rbb24 report, pre-approvals such as the one granted at the beginning of June are typically granted for projects where final approvals are likely. Perhaps this is one of the drivers behind the frustration of the Naturschutzbund (Nabu) and the Green League, as Tesla seems to be nearing its vehicle production phase despite the opposition it continues to receive. 

Gigafactory Berlin is a key component of Tesla’s global plans, being a facility that manufactures mass-market cars like the Model Y and perhaps even the Model 3 for the European market. The Germany-based plant is poised to host a dedicated 4680 cell production facility as well, which would be one of the largest battery factories in the world when completed and ramped.  

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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s detractors are striking back by going to a higher court
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