Tesla Giga New York’s Prefabricated Supercharger Units saves 15% on costs

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla recently shared details about Gigafactory New York and its Prefabricated Supercharger Units (SPUs). The company teased the information during Investor Day 2023. 

Tesla Giga New York produces Prefabricated Supercharger Units with a 2,000-person team in Buffalo. The company also divulged that its gigafactory in New York produces the next generation Superchargers and Semi chargers. During Investor Day 2023, Rebecca Tinucci—Tesla’s head of charging infrastructure teams—talked briefly about Giga New York’s SPUs. 

“We have extended our excellence in manufacturing to how we build Supercharger sites. We are pre-building four post Supercharger units at [Gigafactory New York],” Tinucci said. “We load them on a truck, we truck them to side, then we crane them into position.” 

She added that Tesla saves 15% on Supercharger deployment costs with SPUs. Plus, SPUs allow Tesla to install a site within a few days. 

Tesla’s recent tweet also hinted that its facility in New York manufactures Tesla’s V4 Superchargers. Tesla recently rolled out Supercharger V4 stalls in Europe. Tinucci announced the installation of Supercharger V4 stalls in Europe during her presentations at Investor Day. It has only been two weeks since her announcement, and the Supercharger V4 stalls in Europe are already operational. 

Tesla’s Prefabricated Supercharger Units will allow the company to expand its Supercharger network faster. President Biden commented on the “big part” Tesla’s charging network plays in his goal to deliver 500,000 chargers on highways and communities by 2030. 

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Tesla Giga New York’s Prefabricated Supercharger Units saves 15% on costs
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