Tesla Model S and Model X round steering wheel retrofit now available for purchase

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s round steering wheel retrofit for the Model S and Model X is now available for purchase through the Tesla App. 

Tesla’s Model S/X round steering wheel retrofit is only $700. The price tag includes the installation of the round steering wheel by Tesla Service technicians. To purchase the round steering wheel retrofit, go to the Tesla App or copy the following link: https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-s_x-steering-wheel-retrofit?web=true

The retrofit is only compatible with Model S and Model X vehicles configured with the Yoke steering wheel. The Yoke steering wheel was a controversial choice by Tesla when the revamped Model S and Model X were first rolled out. Initial reactions to the Yoke steering wheel were strong. It was the type of steering wheel people absolutely loved or outright hated. 

Despite Elon Musk’s decision that the Yoke was here to stay, Tesla customers still wanted the old round steering wheel back. Tesla listened to the community and eventually announced a round steering wheel option for the Model S and Model X. The retrofit is for Model S and Model X customers who purchased vehicles with the yoke but prefer the round steering wheel. 

The Tesla Cybertruck might come with both options as well. In an interview earlier this year, Tesla’s Chief Vehicle Designer stated that Tesla was leaning toward a Yoke steering wheel for the Cybertruck. However, given the communities reaction to the yoke, Tesla may choose to make it an option for the Cybertruck. 

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Tesla Model S and Model X round steering wheel retrofit now available for purchase
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