Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai to halt operations this week amid Covid outbreak: Report

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Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai will be suspending its operations for at least one day this week as the city intensifies its efforts to combat a new wave of Covid-19 infections. The information was shared by people familiar with the matter. 

The individuals, which opted to remain anonymous because they reportedly were not authorized to speak publicly, told Bloomberg that production at Giga Shanghai would be suspended on Monday. Tesla has reportedly not informed its employees if the suspension will only last one day or if it would be extended. 

Tesla has not issued a response about the reports of Gigafactory Shanghai’s shutdown this week. 

The shutdown this week serves as the second halt in Giga Shanghai’s operations this month. The facility paused its vehicle production operations earlier this month as China tightened its Covid restrictions one more. The facility was closed for two days, which was spent testing workers in the massive electric vehicle production facility. 

This past Sunday, the Shanghai government announced that it had plans to lock down the city in two phases. The first phase would involve a lockdown of 11 million people, and it will last from Monday to Thursday. A second phase, which is expected to affect 14 million residents, will start Friday and also last four days. Gigafactory Shanghai is located in an area of the city that will be locked down from Monday to Thursday.

Non-essential workers will be working from home, and public transit services will be paused. Unapproved vehicles would also not be allowed to travel on public roads. “The public is asked to support, understand and cooperate with the city’s epidemic prevention and control work, and participate in nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner,” the government noted

China is currently dealing with its worst Covid outbreak in two years as the country deals with the effects of the Omicron variant. Shanghai has been battling the virus for the better part of a month, and this Saturday, it reported the highest number of infections since the initial Covid outbreak in the country receded. 

Pauses in Gigafactory Shanghai’s operations will likely affect Tesla’s vehicle output this first quarter. Giga Shanghai currently plays a major role in Tesla’s operations, serving as a vehicle export hub and producing roughly half of the company’s output last year. So far, Tesla only operates three vehicle production facilities across the globe, in the form of the Fremont Factory in California, Gigafactory Shanghai in China, and Giga Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany. 

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Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai to halt operations this week amid Covid outbreak: Report
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