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Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai resumes normal operations for end of Q1 delivery blitz

Credit: Tesla Inc.

It appears that Tesla China’s efforts to keep Gigafactory Shanghai operational have paid off, with the electric vehicle production facility resuming its operations on Friday. Giga Shanghai took a brief two-day pause in its operations amidst China’s tightening restrictions due to the recent surge of Covid cases in the country. 

Tesla’s Shanghai-based electric car factory restarted its two-shift vehicle production on Friday, 7 a.m. local time. The facility will be running around the clock once more, which means that Model 3 and Model Y production should start ramping in the coming days. Enough workers at the plant have reportedly returned to their posts after being placed in a nearby residential compound for 48 hours. This time was spent testing the workers for possible Covid-19 infections.

As noted in a report from Automotive News, the updates about Giga Shanghai’s return to operations were shared by individuals who were familiar with the EV maker’s operations. The individuals who provided the information opted to remain anonymous as they were reportedly not authorized to speak with the media. Tesla China, for its part, has not commented on Giga Shanghai’s operations so far.

With Gigafactory Shanghai back in action after its two-day break, Tesla’s output from China this month may still be quite impressive. March has 31 days, after all, and a two-day shutdown should not pull down the company’s numbers that much. It should be noted that Tesla delivered a record number of 70,847 vehicles in December 2021, a month with the same number of days as March, and which also happens to be the final month of a quarter. 

Tesla typically engages in an end-of-quarter delivery blitz, with the company’s workers digging deep during a quarter’s final month to ensure maximum vehicle deliveries. While this system has allowed Tesla to post impressive numbers, CEO Elon Musk has called for an end to the practice, noting in an email from November 2021 that the delivery blitzes are burning out the company’s workers. Musk wrote that Tesla should work on reducing the wave of deliveries that are typically done at the final weeks of a quarter. 

Considering that March is the last month of Q1 2022, it would not be surprising if Tesla China ends up conducting a vehicle delivery blitz in the coming days anyway. After all, Tesla China typically allots the final weeks of a quarter for local vehicle deliveries. And based on the performance of the Model 3 and Model Y in China’s EV segment, the demand for Tesla’s electric cars is notable. 

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Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai resumes normal operations for end of Q1 delivery blitz
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