Tesla Gigafactory Texas flyover reveals stunning 160-day progress

Credit: Jeff Roberts/YouTube

The construction of Gigafactory Texas has only been going on for about 160 days, but the site has already been transformed into a busy industrial area where a massive electric vehicle factory is coming to form. Considering the speed of its construction, it would not be surprising if Model Y or perhaps even Cybertruck production begins at the site sometime next year. 

A great overview of the Giga Texas site’s progress was shared recently by electric vehicle advocate Jeff Roberts, who has been chronicling the progress of the project since Day 1. As could be seen in his flyover on December 29, the Gigafactory Texas complex has become a busy place, and several structures are now coming to form. 

Based on recent images from the site, it appears that Tesla is simultaneously working on several areas in the Gigafactory Texas complex. This is a bit different from the company’s strategy in earlier projects like Gigafactory Nevada, which was built in stages. Even Giga Shanghai, which holds the record for Tesla’s fastest factory construction date, completed its Phase 1 zone before work on Phase 2 began. 

This was highlighted by Roberts in his recent flyover, when he noted that a race between work on the ground and work on the site’s first buildings appears to be forming. The massive amount of parts for the upcoming facility arriving on site has also triggered what could almost be described as a “traffic jam” of sorts at the Giga Texas complex.  

Gigafactory Texas could very well be Tesla’s most important US factory yet. The factory will be tasked to produce some of the company’s most disruptive vehicles like the Model Y, as well as high-profile projects like the Cybertruck. Other projects like the Tesla Semi, which also has the potential to disrupt the trucking industry, are also expected to be built on the Texas-based site. 

Watch a recent flyover of the Gigafactory Texas complex in the video below. 

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Tesla Gigafactory Texas flyover reveals stunning 160-day progress
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