Tesla Semi 10-camera setup observed in production Autopilot code

Credit: teslasemi_/Instagram

The camera setup for the Tesla Semi’s production version might have been found in the electric car maker’s Autopilot code. Noted Tesla hacker @greentheonly found clues in Autopilot’s code suggesting that the Semi might be released with 10 cameras. 

Green noted that the tenth camera in the Semi was listed as “Right Repeater 2,” which is quite interesting considering that the Class 8 truck features a central driving position. He also added that references to the Semi’s 10-camera setup were on “HW3.2.”

Tesla is yet to disclose the number of cameras that will be utilized for its Class 8 long hauler. Sightings of the Semi prototypes over the years have shown, however, that at least one of the test units being used by the company for road testing is equipped with over two dozen cameras. This was mentioned by Tesla Model 3 owner Erik J. Martin, who was fortunate enough to encounter the Semi at the Brush Supercharger. 

According to Martin, the engineers who were traveling with the silver Tesla Semi prototype were kind enough to answer some questions from other EV owners in the Brush Supercharger site. Among these inquiries involved the camera setup in the Tesla Semi prototype, which featured a whopping 26 cameras— at least that time. The Tesla engineers did remark then that the production version of the Semi will likely have fewer cameras. 

Green’s observations suggest that Tesla has indeed reduced the number of cameras in the Semi, and to a significant degree. The various locations of each camera around the Class 8 truck is unknown. Though the noted Tesla hacker was confident that at least one of the cameras will be installed inside the cabin, similar to the Model 3 and Model Y’s selfie camera

Check out a discussion on the Tesla Semi prototype’s camera setup back in 2018 in the video below.

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Tesla Semi 10-camera setup observed in production Autopilot code
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