Tesla hits the bullseye with new marketing video from Europe

Image Credit: Tesla Europe/Twitter

Tesla has always had a pretty good social media presence, but after Elon Musk acquired Twitter last year, the electric vehicle maker has ramped its posts on the platform. Tesla Europe’s recent marketing ad is one such post, and it hits the mark perfectly. 

Similar to other Tesla marketing videos, the recently-shared clip was quite short, lasting only 43 seconds long. It was simple too, as it just showed a red Tesla Model S driving around in a landscape filled with windmills. While the visuals of the video are quite simple, it was its message that really drove the point home. 

The video featured a voiceover from Elon Musk, who explained why it’s pertinent to move to a sustainable future today. As Musk noted, even if one were to play devil’s advocate and push the idea that there’s not much environmental damage at all, the world should not take that chance. 

“By definition, we must move to renewable energy. The question is just how hard we should try, what pace we should go at it. I think, logically, we should go as fast as we can since we know we have to get there eventually. It’s better to get to a renewable future or sustainable future sooner rather than later, (and) get there before the environmental damage, not after. And even if, one could say that, ‘Well, maybe there isn’t that much environmental damage,’ to play the devil’s advocate, maybe it won’t be that bad. Why take that chance?” Musk noted.

The post, similar to Musk’s previous statements, also gave thanks to the company’s employees, as well as customers who have taken a chance at the company and its products. “Thank you to Tesla owners & employees—your support & hard work continues to make a difference,” Tesla Europe noted.

Tesla exists to usher in an era of sustainable transportation. The company has been laser-focused on this since the day it became a serious electric vehicle maker. Tesla has fought an uphill climb over the years, and every step of the way, it never lost the narrative. This was something that Tesla emphasized with every milestone and every accomplishment it earned. 

As Elon Musk noted in the video, there’s very little incentive to take a chance on environmental damage. 

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Tesla hits the bullseye with new marketing video from Europe
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