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Tesla quietly launches digital in-car Owner’s Manual

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Tesla quietly added a digital version of its owner’s manual for each vehicle in a new update, making it easily accessible for owners.

Tesla added the feature as an undocumented change with software version 2023.6.8 and was originally spotted by Reddit u/ultimate_butler in the r/TeslaMotors subreddit.

The easily accessible owner’s manual feature will now allow drivers to access their vehicle’s book straight from the center touch screen, instead of having to pull out the physical copy from their glove compartment.

Tesla Manual App found in Model Y
by u/ultimate_bulter in teslamotors

A small feature that has monumental convenience, Tesla added the feature without including it in the release notes for that particular software update.

According to NotaTeslaApp, the digital version that owners can find on their center touch screens will give an interactive guide for common questions that drivers might have. It is also divided into two sections: Get to Know Your Tesla, and the traditional Owner’s Manual.

Get to Know Your Tesla will give answers to popular topics involving features, functionality, and maintenance. It is interactive and user-friendly and can help break the ice for new owners while giving seasoned Tesla drivers a quick way to remind themselves of certain vehicle features.

The Owner’s Manual portion is relatively straightforward and is used by anyone to access answers to questions they may have about various things, like what a certain icon might mean, what recommended maintenance schedules are, and how the vehicle’s components and systems can be better understood.

Digital copies are simpler to navigate through, it seems, and it may give drivers expedited access to the questions they may have about their vehicle, in the instance that they need an immediate answer.

The digital version might be more intuitive for drivers who are simply renting a Tesla through Turo, Hertz, or another platform.

Tesla has made several quiet improvements to its vehicles recently, including a change to the cabin heat function, as well as in-car navigation fixes.

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Tesla quietly launches digital in-car Owner’s Manual
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