Tesla Model 3 and Model Y’s adjustable suspension hinted anew in Owner’s Manual update

(Credit: @greentheonly/Twitter)

An update to the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y’s Owner’s Manual recently revealed fresh hints about a possible adjustable suspension system for the all-electric sedan and crossover. The features were teased in a new icon on the vehicles’ infotainment system that resembles the air suspension icon used by the company in its flagship EVs like the Tesla Model X. 

The new hints on the Model 3 and Model Y’s adjustable suspension features were shared online by noted Tesla owner-hacker @Greentheonly, who noted that the changes were rolled out with update 2020.48.26, better known as the 2020 Holiday Update. Considering that the new icon is already in the Owner’s Manual for the two vehicles, there’s a fair chance that the features may be rolled out soon. 

Rumors of an adjustable suspension feature coming to the Model 3 and Model Y have been around for some time. Just last year, parts referencing air suspension systems were posted on Tesla’s parts catalog for the Model 3. The parts were visible for a brief period of time, before Tesla updated its catalog and removed references to the all-electric sedan’s air suspension setup. Elon Musk then noted that there are no plans to offer air suspension for the Model 3. 

Findings from the Model 3 and Model Y’s manual from back in December featured references to adjustable suspension systems for the two vehicles once more. In the same update, references to the Model Y’s HEPA filter were also present, and as the electric vehicle community would know, Tesla would later introduce release the Made-in-China Model Y with a dedicated Bioweapon Defense Mode feature. 

While Elon Musk has been pretty direct about the idea of the Model 3 not receiving an air suspension system in the past, the electric car maker may be looking to adopt a different design for its entry-level vehicles’ adjustable suspension setups. Other suspension systems such as an electromechanical setup, after all, would provide vehicles with adaptive features without using an air suspension system similar to those used in the Model S and Model X. 

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Tesla Model 3 and Model Y’s adjustable suspension hinted anew in Owner’s Manual update
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