Tesla launches Model 3 in Israel with surprisingly aggressive pricing

Credit: Tesla Owners Silicon Valley/Twitter

Similar to the strategy adopted by the company for the Made-in-China Model Y, Tesla has launched its vehicle lineup in Israel with some surprisingly aggressive pricing. This was evidenced by the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which was formally announced to start at NIS 169,990 (about $51,500) before taxes. 

Prior to Tesla’s official launch in Israel, expectations were high that the Model 3 would sell for about NIS 250,000 ($75,800) to 350,0000 ($106,000) depending on its version. Now, the Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor AWD starts at NIS 199,990 ($60,600) while the Model 3 Performance, the top-of-the-line variant, starts at NIS 219,990 ($66,700) before taxes. 

Granted, these prices are still above the Model 3’s pricing in the United States and China, but they do present a notable drop from the vehicle’s expected cost in Israel. With this pricing, the Model 3 could compete better in Israel’s auto market, which includes vehicles like the Hyundai Ioniq, which costs about NIS 136,000 ($41,200). 

Tesla’s vehicles, after all, hold a notable tech advantage in their respective markets, thanks to the company’s vertically-integrated approach. Teslas improve over time thanks to over-the-air updates, and the company’s Autopilot driver-assist system, which comes standard with every Model 3, is second to none. The vehicle is even equipped with a robust set of tech-centric features like video streaming, which provides owners with an entertaining way to pass the time while charging in a public station. 

It was not only the Model 3 that Tesla launched in Israel. With the company’s recent update, the Model S and Model X have also been made available in the country. Local reports have confirmed that the Model S and Model X coming to Israel will be the refresh variants that were just launched last week. The Model S refresh starts at NIS 319,990 ($97,000) while the Model X starts at NIS 334,990 ($101,600). 

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Tesla launches Model 3 in Israel with surprisingly aggressive pricing
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