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Tesla displaces Mercedes-Benz as third-most-popular luxury brand in U.S.

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla has officially displaced Mercedes-Benz as the third-most-popular luxury automotive brand in the United States, quickly approaching BMW and Lexus, which took first and second place, respectively.

The data comes from Automotive News, which reported the story earlier this week. According to the report, Mercedes-Benz accumulated 213,708 vehicle registrations through Q3 2021, a hefty figure for the German automaker which has been battling supply chain bottlenecks and parts shortages through most of the year. However, other automakers are not immune to the issues as well, and a majority of car companies have been battling with semiconductor and other essential parts shortages for the better part of 2021.

That did not stop a small-but-mighty car company from Silicon Valley from overtaking German giant Mercedes from the third spot on the list. Tesla handily made its way past Mercedes-Benz with 230,855 registrations, becoming the third-best-selling luxury car brand in the routinely touted U.S. sector where luxury vehicles make up about 5% of the market.

Credit: Tesla

Tesla is not far off of other high-end brands, as leaders BMW and Lexus held leads over the electric car company but not by many vehicles. BMW reached 259,237 registrations to take first prize, while Japanese Lexus came in second with 245,864 units.

Tesla very well may take over the top spot in the luxury sector by the end of the year. The company’s increasingly active production lines at the Fremont facility where its U.S. cars are built, along with the ongoing construction and imminent arrival of Gigafactory Texas manufacturing lines are both indicative of a scrappy and hungry car company that is preparing for an influx of customer orders for the next several years.

Many of Tesla’s U.S. vehicles are sold out for 2021, and delivery times are indicating to customers that they may be waiting for several months in 2022 to receive their vehicles. While the new Tesla factory located just outside of Austin is expected to begin production in limited volumes by the end of the year, executives are looking toward 2022. Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn said during the company’s Q3 2021 Earnings Call that “we [Tesla] should not expect for us to deliver cars by the end of 2021 from these factories [Texas and Berlin] even if we do produce them — so homologation, regulatory reasons.”

However, it is not all bad for Tesla, even if Giga Texas does not begin shipping cars to patiently-waiting customers by the end of 2021. With increased production capacity and industry-leading gross margins, Tesla is making money hand over fist while balancing an evergrowing production sheet that continues to show the arrival of the electric revolution is upon the U.S. automotive sector.

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Tesla displaces Mercedes-Benz as third-most-popular luxury brand in U.S.
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