Tesla Model 3 ‘007’ car spotted with new mystery roof sensor

Instagram user dmitryloki posted video footage of a special black Tesla Model 3 ‘0007’ Release Candidate that has a new sensor fixed to the passenger side rear roof. The video shows the sensor with wires strung across the roof to the driver’s side of the vehicle with what looks to be an airflow sensor hanging out from the top.

The specially numbered Release Candidate was spotted on the freeway in San Jose, California, just south of the Tesla Fremont factory in the greater Bay Area. Number 007 carries special meaning for CEO Elon Musk who loves the James Bond franchise so much that he bought the underwater Lotus Submarine prop used in the 70’s James Bond classic “The Spy Who Loved Me” for a staggering $997,000. In tribute to the special Lotus, Tesla baked-in the infamous easter egg into Model S and Model X vehicles that are equipped with air suspension.

Numerous Release Candidates have been spotted out on public roads, some of which include a number affixed to the rear window of the driver’s side. With such significance attached to 007, it should come as no surprise that it has features that other vehicles don’t.

Just caught a new Tesla Model 3 on a road from Fremont. Looks nice! #teslamodel3 #tesla

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The video shows the Model 3 zipping along on the freeway with a Tesla Model X as the chase car.

Following their attendance at the Official Tesla Owners Club Summit held last week at the Fremont factory where Model 3 was sighted everywhere, Tesla Owners Club Belgium also spotted the black 007 Model 3 cruising through Silicon Valley.

With plans to showcase a fully autonomous Tesla vehicle that will be capable of driving from a parking garage in California to New York by end of year, and completely on its own, we expect to see a wide array of sensors on test vehicles in the months to come.

Here’s another video of the black 007 car posted on Twitter that shows the vehicle with antenna-like device mounted on the roof.

Tesla plans to accept orders and deliver the first Model 3 vehicles in July. First buyers will initially be given the opportunity to choose from vehicle paint color and wheel size.


Tesla Model 3 ‘007’ car spotted with new mystery roof sensor
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