Tesla Model 3 loses only 2.2% of battery range after four years and 100k miles

Credit: Andy Slye/YouTube

The longevity of electric vehicles’ battery packs has always been a tricky subject. Companies like Tesla suggest that their cars’ battery packs are designed to last years, while avid EV skeptics would argue that electric vehicles would need a new battery after a few short years of ownership due to degradation. Fortunately, vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 have been around for several years now, and some can already provide valuable data. 

Electric vehicle advocate Andy Slye was among the first customers of the Tesla Model 3, taking delivery of the all-electric sedan at a time when only the Long Range RWD variant was available. Since taking delivery of his Model 3 four years ago, the EV owner was able to rack up 100,000 miles in the vehicle. Over its four years in service, the Model 3 proved to be a car that definitely seems designed to go the distance. 

The Model 3 owner’s overall thoughts and insights were summarized in a YouTube video, which he uploaded recently on his personal channel. Yet within the Model 3’s 100,000-mile review, the EV owner mentioned something rather remarkable. Over the four years he’s had the vehicle, and over the 100,000 miles the Tesla had traveled, the all-electric sedan had only lost 2.2% of its range. The vehicle was rated at 310 miles when it was new, and now, its full charge remains listed at 303 miles. 

Of course, a lot of this is due to the fact that the 100,000-mile Model 3’s battery was well taken care of, as hinted at by the EV owner regularly plugging in the car at home using Tesla’s home charging solution. Overall, however, it’s difficult not to be impressed with the longevity of the Model 3’s battery. Considering the battery’s 2.2% degradation after four years, the Model 3 owner remarked that he is currently not expecting to replace the car’s battery over the ten years he plans on keeping the vehicle. 

There are several iconic high-mileage Teslas across the globe, the most notable of which is arguably the Model S P85 driven by Germany-based Hansjörg Gemmingen, who purchased the car in 2014. As of early January 2022, the Model S road warrior had racked up 1.5 million km (932,256 miles) on its odometer. It has been an eventful road to such a feat, however, as the Model S required a battery change at 470,000 km (292,044 miles). Three electric motors were also worn out on the Model S’ journey to 1 million km (621,371 miles).

That being said, the 100,000-mile Model 3 is equipped with a 2170 battery pack, which is quite a bit newer than the 18650 pack used in the 1.5 million km Model S. Overall, it would not be surprising if Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y 2170 batteries end up lasting very long with very little degradation. Tesla is just getting started, however, as the company is also hard at work in developing its next generation of batteries, the 4680 cells, which would make their debut in the Made-in-Texas Model Y later this year. 

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Tesla Model 3 loses only 2.2% of battery range after four years and 100k miles
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