Tesla adds Model 3 Cabin Air Filter to online shop

Tesla's Air Filter for the Model 3. (Credit:

Tesla has added Cabin Air Filters for the Model 3 sedan to the company’s online shop. The filters are currently up for purchase individually, although the vehicle requires two filters to filter the air within the cabin properly.

Available for $17 on the company’s online shop, the filters are the first available Tesla manufactured cabin filters available for the Model 3. The company currently sells High-efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, grade filters for the Model S and Model X, but Model 3 filters were never available through the shop until now.

The filters Tesla has released for the Model 3 are not HEPA grade, but they can protect those in the vehicle from outside sources of pollution. The description of the Model 3 Filter suggests it can “prevent pollen, industrial fallout, road dust, and other particles from entering the cabin through the vents.”

Previously, Tesla Model 3 owners who required a cabin filter replacement were to purchase it from third-party distributors like Amazon or eBay. Some even opted for a much more expensive HEPA option from notable Tesla enthusiast Rich Rebuilds’ website,

While the Model 3 does not have Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode feature, it does not mean the car cannot protect owners from polluted air outside the vehicle. One Model 3 owner with a standard air filter, the vehicle’s “recycle air” setting turned on, and the fan set to speed 5 reported an improvement in-cabin air quality from 135 μg/m3 to 5 μg/m3 within nine minutes during California’s intense wildfires in 2018. Not bad for a vehicle with a filter that Elon Musk described as “good.”

Tesla has also described step-by-step instructions on how owners can remove old filters and replace them with newly purchased ones. Tesla states each owner should replace the filters every two years to keep the air inside the cabin as clean as possible.

Owners on the r/TeslaModel3 subreddit have speculated as to why the electric car maker has decided to sell the filters individually, even though the Model 3 requires two filters to filter cabin air properly. One user stated this could end up being more convenient for owners if the vehicle has a damaged filter for any reason; the owner will only have to purchase the number of filters they need.

To keep air quality to a maximum within the cabin, Tesla recommends that Model 3 owners “set manual recirculating air and turn up the blower speed.”

Tesla owners will now have the original equipment manufacturer air filter available to them because of the carmaker’s decision to release an in-house cabin filtration system. The filter can be purchased on Tesla’s shop website here.

Tesla adds Model 3 Cabin Air Filter to online shop
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