Tesla Model Y delivery date confirmed by California buyer, first deliveries earlier than expected

Tesla Model Y (Credit: Tesla)

A Tesla Model Y buyer has reportedly received confirmation that their vehicle will be ready for delivery on Wednesday, March 11, a timeframe four days earlier than the widely anticipated March 15 first delivery date.

Updated March 11: Tesla Model Y first deliveries are scheduled for Friday, March 13

Updated March 7: The source that reported a March 11 delivery date has retracted their original statement. Teslarati is in contact with additional sources whom indicate Tesla employees are being offered first access to Model Y. An update will be provided as we learn more about the first Model Y delivery dates.

According to redditor and alleged soon-to-be Model Y owner u/HIP2013, a Tesla representative called them to schedule a pick up of their Model Y on Wednesday, 4 p.m. at the Rocklin showroom in California, about a 30-minute drive north from Sacramento and 2 hours from Tesla’ Fremont factory.

“Well I’m giving my Model 3 to my wife who is selling her Civic and I’m putting that money toward the Model Y,” u/HIP2013 wrote on the Tesla Motors channel on Reddit. “I should mention, when I first got the first email last week I got back to them in less than one hour with everything they asked for (insurance, payment info, etc).”

According to u/HIP2013, he reserved the Model Y even before the unveiling event livestream in March 2019. “I have reason to believe I may have been the first to reserve one,” they wrote. “…it seems like yesterday that I was making my order. I was in the first 5,000 to get my Model 3, so I’ve been part of the tribe for a while.”

The strong push of Tesla to make deliveries of the Model Y bode well for the finances of the company. Tesla aims to deliver 500,000 vehicles in 2020, a big jump from last year’s approximately 368,000 units. The Q1 end of quarter push would help cushion whatever effect the coronavirus outbreak has had on its sales.

On Thursday, Tesla started releasing the first batch of Tesla Model Y VINs ahead of the expected deliveries. Buyers in California, New York, Florida, Georgia and other parts of the United States started finding references to their vehicle’s identification number on their online purchase agreement.

Tesla Model Y images were also discovered in the latest version of the Android mobile app of the electric carmaker, a sign that Tesla is gearing up for the deliveries and suggesting that Model Y owners will enjoy the same functionality of the mobile app just as how owners of Model 3, Model X, and Model S do.

Tesla Model Y buyers first reported of receiving delivery confirmation emails two weeks ago where the carmaker asked customers to confirm their availability and complete any remaining steps of the purchase.

Tesla early delivery of the Model Y says a lot how the carmaker has matured through the years. While the Model Y might share about 75% of the Model 3’s DNA, Elon Musk has earlier said that its manufacturing process involves advanced techniques. The Tesla CEO also bets big time on the Model Y and believes the more affordable SUV will be a big hit and may become more popular than other vehicles on its line-up combined.

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Tesla Model Y delivery date confirmed by California buyer, first deliveries earlier than expected
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