Tesla’s white paint to become standard color, black will cost $1,000 extra

(Credit: Megan Gale/Twitter)

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will be switching the Model 3’s standard color from Solid Black to Simple White. After these changes are implemented, Musk noted that the Model 3’s black paint option would command a $1,000 price, similar to Midnight Metallic Silver.

Musk’s recent announcements were shared on Twitter following a series of comments about the upcoming Falcon Heavy launch and the possibility of offering Full Self-Driving as part of the Referral Program. In his updates, the CEO noted that the Model 3’s standard paint option would be shifted starting next month.

Utilizing a Simple White color for the Model 3’s standard paint option could play to the electric car maker’s advantages. While not as stunning as the Pearl White Multi-Coat, Simple White paint would likely attract attract far fewer scratches than the current standard Solid Black. This would likely make the Model 3 far easier to maintain, ultimately benefiting both the vehicle’s owners and Tesla itself.

A lot of Model 3 today feature a Solid Black color scheme, and a lot of that is due to the paint being the vehicle’s standard color. With the advent of the Standard Range Model 3 variants, this has resulted in a notable number of owners dealing with scratches and imperfections on their vehicles’ paint. Tesla will likely produce even more Model 3 in the near future, especially with the beginning of the Standard Range Plus Model 3 from China. From this perspective, a Simple White paint option, which does not scratch as easily, would be strategic.

Tesla is already pushing the Model 3 to multiple territories, and the company is also poised to start delivering the vehicle to the first right-hand-drive regions this month. Despite this, it should be noted that the company is not done with its Model 3 ramp. There are still areas that are waiting for the vehicle such as Australia and Japan, and the greater Chinese market is yet to be saturated by the more affordable, locally-produced Model 3 from Gigafactory 3.

These simple changes to the Model 3’s standard color all but hint at Tesla’s efforts to prepare for a potentially bigger ramp for the electric car. Nevertheless, would-be buyers of the Model 3 that are on a budget should count themselves lucky. After all, the Model 3 in white looks pretty darn great.

Tesla’s white paint to become standard color, black will cost $1,000 extra
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