Tesla China sees surge in Model 3 demand by 450% as economy rebounds

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Tesla’s vehicle sales have picked back up in China last March following a slow February. The electric automaker’s registrations of its most affordable sedan, the Model 3, spiked 450% in March compared to the prior month, according to LMC Automotive, a United Kingdom-based research company.

According to LMC, Tesla’s registration numbers rose to 12,709 in March. This figure stands in stark contrast to February, where only 2,314 Teslas were registered in China. The spike in numbers could be due to the Chinese government’s lift on COVID-19 quarantine measures. China was, for a considerable amount of time, the leader in reported cases of the coronavirus.

However, Wuhan, widely considered as the epicenter of the outbreak, has reopened for business, along with many other Chinese populated cities. Tesla’s store in Wuhan reopened on March 30 after a two-month closure.

Although Tesla stores and public facilities were closed for an extended period following the outbreak of the virus, the company took extensive measures to continue offering top-quality customer service to those who were interested in purchasing an electric vehicle.

After implementing a series of measures like home deliveries, unlimited Supercharging, and webcam-based customer service to make life easier for those affected by the virus in China, Tesla has rebounded from a slow start of the year.

On the contrary, the automotive industry sank 43.4% in March as a whole in China as the pandemic continues to affect many industries across the globe, Reuters reported. Tesla’s approach in assisting customers amidst the chaos may have contributed to the company’s growth despite the general slowdown in the economy.

China has fully embraced the growing electric vehicle market. Recently, government officials announced the country would be extending subsidies for “new energy vehicles,” which are classified as any vehicle with plug-in capabilities to receive power. The subsidies are valid for another two years and were announced alongside a new plan to limit the amount of diesel emissions from trucks within large cities.

This move could entice consumers who are in the market to buy a new vehicle to purchase sustainable forms of transportation. As Tesla begins to roll out more configurations of its Model 3 in China, the car should start appealing to a bigger audience. The Model 3’s Long Range variant, which offers a WLTP-estimated 404 miles of range, for example, could appeal to families who love road trips.

It is evident that Giga Shanghai’s increased production rates, alongside the demand for EVs in the country, undoubtedly helped Tesla achieve its deliveries for the first quarter of 2020. Despite China’s automotive market seemingly falling as a whole, Tesla’s performance is spelling opposite trends as the company continues to grow in the largest car market in the world.

Tesla China sees surge in Model 3 demand by 450% as economy rebounds
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