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Tesla pushes Model 3 European ramp with test drive events in multiple countries

As Tesla starts shipping the Model 3 to Europe, the electric car maker has begun to increase its efforts to promote its disruptive midsize electric sedan. As noted by reports from several members of the Tesla community today, the Silicon Valley-based electric car maker has started sending out invites reservation holders and potential customers for Model 3 test drive events.

Reports about the European test drive events were noted by the Tesla community on Wednesday. On the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, for one, u/josmaus shared a screenshot of an invitation for a Model 3 test drive event in Finland. As noted in the invitation, the test drives would be conducted in select Tesla locations from January 25 to February 9.

In social media platforms such as Twitter, Tesla community members from other parts of the European regions — such as those residing in Sweden, Austria, and Germany — stated that they received the same invitation as well. Overall, Tesla’s test drive invites come amidst sightings of Model 3 being transported to Europe, as well as the electric sedan being spotted in areas such as Denmark.

Tesla’s European ramp for the Model 3 is key to the company’s success in the region. In an email to employees earlier this month, Elon Musk noted that Tesla would be starting its international Model 3 ramp with the vehicle’s two higher-end variants — the Long Range AWD version and the Model 3 Performance. Tesla is shipping the Model 3 to Europe and China, and in both regions, the Long Range AWD and Performance variants are leading the charge.

Tesla’s decision to start the international ramp of the Model 3 with Europe and China bodes well for the company, considering that both regions are perfect for the electric sedan. Europe, for one, has a midsize sedan market that is twice as large as that of the United States. China, on the other hand, is simply the world’s largest EV market. In the case of the latter, the shipments of the Model 3 Performance and Long Range AWD Model 3 could give Tesla time to saturate the country before Gigafactory 3 starts producing affordable versions of the electric sedan locally.

For now, though, European Model 3 reservation holders and potential customers look forward to experiencing the high-performance electric car firsthand. With test drives soon offered in multiple European territories, the upcoming saturation of the Model 3 in the region is all but inevitable. Test drives in a Tesla, after all, are among the most effective ways to demonstrate the advantages and features of the company’s electric cars to potential buyers.

Tesla’s European ramp for the Model 3 is about to get fully underway. Apart from the recent test drive invites and confirmation of homologation approval for the Model 3, Tesla has also been busy expanding its Supercharger Network in the region with the installations of dual charge stations fitted with both a Type 2 and CCS plug, the latter being the standard used by the Model 3. Tesla’s newly installed CCS Superchargers, which are marked “Model 3 Priority,” continue to grow in number by the day.  

Tesla pushes Model 3 European ramp with test drive events in multiple countries
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