Tesla Model 3 dubbed as fastest charging car in Europe by Top Gear

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla might be a young carmaker that is yet to master all the processes honed by its more experienced competitors in the auto industry, but it is arguably a company that has honed the subtleties of electric vehicle manufacturing and design over the years. One of the best examples of this lies in its vehicles’ charging capabilities, which remain among the best in the world.

If popular auto publication Top Gear’s word is any indication, it appears that the charging capabilities could very well be the best in the industry. The publication recently dubbed the Tesla Model 3 the “fastest charging car in the world,” and for a good reason. Thanks to a firmware update that Tesla is rolling out this weekend, European Long Range Model 3 variants will be capable of charging at 200 kW when they are connected to the region’s “ultrafast chargers.”

A charging rate of 200 kW roughly equates to around 850 miles per hour, which should significantly reduce the times it takes to charge a Tesla during long trips. This is a notable breakthrough for the company’s vehicles, as they have taken a valuable step forward in closing the gap between the charging time of an EV and the refueling time of an internal combustion car.

What is rather remarkable is that the Model 3 is actually capable of charging faster than 200 kW. Tesla recently rolled out its Supercharger V3 network, which supports peak rates of up to 250 kW per vehicle. This allows Long Range Model 3 variants to gain 75 miles worth of range in just 5 minutes at a rate of up to 1,000 miles per hour. Tesla highlighted this in a statement to Top Gear, pointing out that “When our own V3 Supercharger technology is introduced, these cars will be able to charge even faster at 250kW peak charge rates.”

Tesla’s Supercharger V3 network is already starting its rollout, but even the company’s V2 chargers have received improvements from the electric car maker. Recent updates rolled out by the company have unlocked charge rates of up to 150 kW from the V2 stations, which, together with on-route battery warmup features, allow the Model S and X to reduce their charging times by 25%.

Tesla is among the electric car makers today that had enough foresight to establish an extensive rapid charging network for its vehicles years before manufacturing its first high-volume car. With Supercharger V3’s rollout, improvements to the V2 network, and the Model 3’s compatibility with the region’s 200 kW ultrafast chargers, European Tesla owners can be assured that their vehicles are less likely to experience a lack of charging stations.

Tesla Model 3 dubbed as fastest charging car in Europe by Top Gear
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