Tesla Model 3 final unveiling event will take place in July

The final “Part 3” unveiling event for Tesla’s highly anticipated Model 3 will take place sometime in July, said Musk during an, always, unexpected tweetstorm unleashed by the sleepless tech entrepreneur. This is the first time we’re getting a definitive month as opposed to the usually approximated timeframe that Musk is known to reference.

Timing for the final Model 3 unveiling puts the July event in the same month the company is expected to begin low-volume production from Tesla’s Fremont factory and Gigafactory 1. The enormous battery and production facility in Sparks, Nevada is expected to begin production of the Model 3 battery pack this quarter. Unlike Tesla’s flagship Model S and Model X vehicle, Model 3 will utilize the company’s next generation 2170 lithium ion battery cell which packs higher energy density than the 18650 cell being used in Tesla’s current fleet of vehicles. The battery also has  a larger form factor that the company says represents an ideal balance between cost, density, weight and performance.

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First deliveries of Model 3 “Founder Series” cars will go to employees of the company, and the Model 3 Design Studio configurator will likely be opened the same day of the upcoming July unveiling event.

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Tesla Model 3 final unveiling event will take place in July
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