Tesla Model 3 surges to #2 spot in Germany, outselling VW ID.3

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The Tesla Model 3 was the second most popular electric car in Germany in February 2021, outselling the Volkswagen ID.3 on its home turf. The only vehicle to outsell the Model 3 was the mass-market VW e-Up! EV, an affordable, low-range electric car that the German automaker also produces.

January 2021 sales figures revealed that Tesla had not yet broken into the Top 5 with any of its vehicles. In that month, Volkswagen dominated by taking the top three spots, while the Model 3 managed to secure a respectable eighth-place finish for the month, selling 2,332 units in January. Meanwhile, the ID.3 was the most popular EV in January in Germany, selling 3,691 units and accumulating 5% of the total market share, the EV Sales Blog reported.

February painted a different picture for the EV sector in the country, however. The Model 3 surged to second-place, beating out the ID.3 in third-place by selling 18 more units for the 28 day month. A big accomplishment for Tesla, the strong sales numbers indicate a growing demand for the company’s vehicles, especially as it moves closer to the initial production phases at Giga Berlin later this year.

The e-UP! EV from Volkswagen should also be complimented on its strong performance in the German market. 2,215 units sold for the electric car from Volkswagen marks a personal best for the ten-year-old model that has existed in an EV variant since 2013. It is undoubtedly an economical option for those in need of an all-electric powertrain, as the car runs for just €21,421 in Germany ($25,550). With a 32.3 kWh battery and 205 km (127.38 miles) of range, it isn’t a car that will sport impressive 0-60 MPH times or industry-leading range ratings. However, it is a popular vehicle because of its sustainable powertrain, and Germans evidently flocked to the vehicle on 2,215 occasions during February.

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The ID.3 from Volkswagen is one of the more popular electric cars in the German market. Despite the lackluster February performance, it still remains the most popular EV in Germany for 2021 so far. Holding 5% of the total market share along with the e-Up! EV, the ID.3 is Volkswagen’s first EV to utilize its MEB platform. The German automaker admittedly has struggled with software issues with the MEB platform, but things are being fixed in-house, according to VW CEO Herbert Diess.

As a whole, the German market sold 40,157 EVs in February, a 124% increase Year over Year.

Tesla Model 3 surges to #2 spot in Germany, outselling VW ID.3
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