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Tesla Model 3 Hertz order could increase to 150,000 vehicles, no FSD included

(Credit: Hertz)

Hertz could extend its Tesla order to 150,000 vehicles if the venture with Uber proves successful, according to the rideshare platform’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

Khosrowshahi said Uber was confident that 50,000 Tesla vehicles would be a popular choice for drivers and consumers once they enter the rideshare platform.

“I’ve always said that climate change is a team sport, and our drivers want to help. So we do think that based on the demand that we’ve seen for electric vehicles on our network and Tesla, obviously, is a great brand, is a great product. I think if we make Teslas available, there’ll be plenty of takers,” the Uber CEO stated during an interview on First Move with Julia Chatterley.

Hertz interim CEO Mark Fields added that if the program with Uber proved successful, the rental car company could provide even more Teslas to the rideshare network.

“Over the next 3 years, this could grow to 150,000 Teslas that can be provided by Hertz to Uber,” said Hertz Interim CEO.

Mark Fields also stated that Hertz’s 100,000 Model 3 order did not include Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite. Although he didn’t completely rule out the FSD use in the future. Uber drivers will have to be content with just basic Tesla Autopilot for now.

Earlier this week, Tesla inked a deal with Hertz Global Holdings Inc. for a 100,000 Model 3 vehicle order. The agreement stands as the single-largest purchase for electric vehicles to date, representing about $4.2 billion in revenue. Elon Musk revealed that Hertz paid full price for its order.

Following the news of Hertz’s 100,000 Model 3 order, the car rental company announced that it would be partnering with Uber Technologies Inc. Hertz would add up to 50,000 Tesla vehicles to the Uber Network by 2023, based on the partnership.

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Tesla Model 3 Hertz order could increase to 150,000 vehicles, no FSD included
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