Tesla inks $4.2B Hertz deal for 100k electric vehicles

Credit: Tesla Inc.

Just months after declaring bankruptcy, American car rental giant Hertz Global Holdings Inc. has placed an order for 100,000 Tesla Model 3 as part of its initiative to transform its fleet into sustainable vehicles. The update was related by individuals who were reportedly familiar with the matter. 

As noted by Bloomberg News, Hertz’s 100,000 Tesla Model 3 order stands as the single-largest purchase to date for electric vehicles. The sheer size of the order also represents about $4.2 billion in revenue for Tesla Inc., according to the news outlet’s anonymous sources. What is interesting is that the size of the order and Tesla’s potential revenue suggests that Hertz would likely be paying full or close to full price for its Model 3 fleet. 

“For drivers across the world, the name Tesla has become synonymous with electric cars. Offering unmatched performance and cutting-edge onboard technology, Tesla vehicles have revolutionized the driving landscape and continue to transform the way we travel. As the leading car rental company, we now offer the largest electric vehicle (EV) rental fleet in North America. Our flagship EV is the Tesla Model 3, a luxurious 4-door sedan that features up to 260-mile driving range on a full charge and is the best-selling electric car in the world,” Hertz wrote in a blog post.

The Tesla Model 3 fleet is expected to start deliveries over the following 14 months, and the vehicles would reportedly be available for rental at Hertz locations across major cities in the United States and some areas of Europe. The cars will be available starting this coming November, Bloomberg’s sources stated. Those who rent the Model 3 fleet would also enjoy some of the perks of Tesla ownership, such as the vehicles’ convenient access to the Supercharger Network. 

Hertz is reportedly building its own electric vehicle charging infrastructure for its car rental fleet as well. Overall, the ambitious and prolific order for 100,000 Model 3 sedans marks a notable step for the car rental giant. It shows that Hertz’s new owners seem determined to disrupt the car rental segment, a market that is very similar to the traditional auto industry in that its biggest players are typically slow to embrace change. 

While the Tesla Model 3 is now being eclipsed by its crossover sibling, the Model Y, the all-electric sedan is still a formidable player in the EV segment. It was recently named as the fastest-selling electric vehicle of all time with 24 units sold every hour, and in a recent update to its official website, Tesla also seemingly slipped by stating that Gigafactory Texas will be producing the Model 3 onsite

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Tesla inks $4.2B Hertz deal for 100k electric vehicles
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