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Tesla’s new Model 3 is on a European tour

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Sightings of Tesla’s new Model 3, known as Highland, are spreading across Europe after it was seen for the first time on the continent earlier this week.

The sightings are an indication Tesla is moving closer to production in Shanghai, where it has built the Model 3 and exported to European countries for several years. After rumors of the vehicle potentially arriving in showrooms in China by the end of August swirled earlier this month, momentum behind the Highland Model 3 seems to be as strong as ever.

Earlier this week, we reported on the Model 3 Highland being spotted on the German Autobahn, marking the vehicle’s first sighting in Europe since initial development started last Summer.

For nearly a year, we have seen the Model 3 Highland spotted in California on public roads and in China, as all indications point toward the vehicle making its way off of Shanghai production lines before any other Tesla factory.

But over the past month, as Highland Model 3 production rumors have continued to intensify, it appears Tesla has moved some of these vehicles to Europe for testing. High-temperature assessments took place within the last few weeks in China, but there is more than needs to be done before the vehicle can be pushed into the hands of consumers who have awaited the details of the company’s changes to the mass market sedan.

A Model 3 Highland was spotted in France just a day after initial sightings in Germany. Seen on the highway and at local Superchargers, the vehicle is making its rounds through the continent.

Tesla has been remaining tight-lipped about the Model 3 Highland project, not tipping any details in terms of what will be updated, what it will cost, or when it will come out.

However, we have seen first-hand that the Model 3 Highland will look slightly different from its predecessor. Equipping a streamlined front-end, new wheels, and various changes to other exterior parts, there are also rumors of an overhaul of the infotainment system.

Even still, the reason for the new look is likely due to the nature of Tesla’s need to revamp the Model 3. As more automakers enter the sector, especially in China and Europe, affordability and a fresh appearance are likely what Tesla is after with this project.

There is no arguing that the Model 3’s appearance is somewhat stale. After six years of production and its only true cosmetic update being a chrome delete in 2021, Tesla is due to upgrade and update the vehicle that has given it mass market appeal and essentially deleted the notion that EVs are not affordable.

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Tesla’s new Model 3 is on a European tour
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