Tesla uncovers Model 3 Highland for U.S. testing on public roads

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Tesla has long kept the Model 3 Highland wrapped with bumper covers to hide the vehicle’s new look, which includes a streamlined and sleek front end and new taillight designs.

With the release of the Model 3 Highland in Asia and Europe in the past few weeks, Tesla has uncovered the vehicle in the United States for the first time, allowing the full product to be seen on roads despite it not being released here quite yet.

While the Model 3 Highland units that have previously been driven on U.S. roads featured dark bumper covers that restricted anyone from seeing what changes Tesla explicitly made, these units have wraps on the front and back end. It allows those who see the vehicle to view the design of the new front end and explore the changes made to the rear of the vehicle.

However, it still can be a good way to hide some features, as the design on the wrap can confuse the human eye from seeing certain lines that the car may offer. This is a frequently used strategy by many carmakers that are testing new vehicles.

A Tesla Model 3 Highland was spotted in California with these wraps, but it was void of the bumper covers that have previously kept new features hidden.

This was seen in Morgan Hill, California, which is roughly one hour south of Tesla’s Fremont Factory in Northern California.

Of course, Tesla may have been more keen to unveil the Model 3 Highland to the U.S. roadways as the new car has already been released in the Eastern Hemisphere. There is not much more to hide, considering the car has already been given a deep examination by many at the IAA Mobility Conference in Munich earlier this month.

However, the Model 3 Highland has not yet broken into the U.S. market, and it is expected to begin deliveries sometime next year. Of course, Tesla has already started preparing for the production of the car as it paused manufacturing lines at Fremont earlier this quarter for upgrades. The same processes took place at Gigafactory Texas, but this was likely for Cybertruck production as the Model 3 is not built in Austin.

Initial deliveries of the Model 3 Highland are set for October for those customers in Asia and Europe. Until then, Tesla will continue with the testing we’ve seen in the U.S. as it prepares to recertify the vehicle.

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Tesla uncovers Model 3 Highland for U.S. testing on public roads
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