Tesla Model 3 Highland new tail lights inadvertently slips in recent sighting

Image Credit: @ranbhaskar/Twitter

A recent sighting of a “Project Highland” Tesla Model 3 has provided a glimpse at the upcoming vehicle’s tail lights. Interestingly enough, it appears that the updated Model 3’s new tail lights are pretty close to renders that have been posted by EV enthusiasts online. 

With the production of “Project Highland” Model 3 units expected to start in the third quarter, the sightings of prototype units in the wild are becoming more frequent. And Tesla being Tesla, its test vehicles tend to attract a lot of attention from the road. It is then no surprise that photos of “Project Highland” units are generously shared online. 

One such sighting was posted by Tesla enthusiast Ranjit Bhaskar on Twitter. But unlike the typical “Project Highland” sightings that have been posted on social media, the vehicle in Bhaskar’s photo seemingly let a rather interesting detail slip. As luck would have it, the covering on one of the updated Model 3’s tail lights was slightly off, revealing what could be the updated vehicle’s new tail lights. 

A look at the partially uncovered tail light would show that the apparent “Project Highland” Model 3 features slightly thinner tail lights in the trunk area, despite the section that’s allotted for charging looking identical to its current version. A pretty good illustration of such a tail light design has been shared online by Tesla enthusiast @CYBRTRK420

It appears that Tesla is truly going all out to ensure that it delivers as many Model 3 units as possible before the end of the second quarter. This has brought speculations that Tesla is looking to clear out its Model 3 inventory before the release of “Project Highland.” In the United States, Tesla has rolled out three months’ worth of free unlimited Supercharging for Model 3 inventory customers. Over in China, Tesla has announced insurance subsidies for buyers of inventory Model 3 units. 

While Tesla has tried its best to keep “Project Highland” as hidden as possible, leaks about the updated Model 3 have emerged over the past months. A partially uncovered photo of a Highland unit was shared online in April. Aerial footage of the vehicle from the Fremont Factory also suggested that the updated Model 3 will probably have similar gear selectors as the Model S and Model X

As per previous reports, the Model 3’s “Project Highland” update is expected to incorporate changes to the all-electric sedan’s exterior and interior. The Model 3’s design has reportedly been changed as well to make the vehicle easier to produce. 

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Tesla Model 3 Highland new tail lights inadvertently slips in recent sighting
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