Tesla showcases why the Model 3 is perfect for small parking spaces

(Credit: Tesla Japan)

Tesla is yet to start pushing the Model 3 to right-hand drive markets like Japan and Britain, but it is becoming more and more evident that the vehicle is specifically designed to work well on these countries. A recent video from Tesla Japan, for example, highlighted why the Model 3 is an incredibly compelling vehicle, even in cities and areas where parking spaces are notoriously scarce.

During Elon Musk’s recent appearance at the Tesla owner-enthusiast Ryan McCaffrey’s Ride the Lightning podcast, the CEO mentioned that the Model 3 actually fits Japan’s automated multistory parking machines. Musk’s comments were actually showcased by Tesla’s Japanese Twitter account late last month, but it went largely below the radar. In Tesla Japan’s post, the Model 3 could be seen perfectly fitting into an automated parking spot.

This all but shows that Tesla designed the Model 3 not only to be competitive in markets such as the United States, but in areas such as Japan as well. The Model 3 is not a small vehicle by any means, but it is compact enough to be a perfect fit for markets where roads are fairly small and narrow, as is the case in Britain, and countries where parking spaces are difficult to find, such as Japan. This shows some notable foresight on Tesla’s part, as the company seemingly took the international market’s requirements in mind when designing the Model 3.

It should be noted that the Model 3 will be the first Tesla that will be compatible with Japan’s multistory automatic parking machines, as the Model S and Model X were usually too large for the facilities. With this, the Model 3 would likely be an attractive vehicle even for customers who live in an area where on-street parking is incredibly scarce.

Automated multistory parking systems are a common sight in Japan, particularly in densely populated areas. Using a system of conveyors, elevators, and a multistory structure, these facilities allow hundreds of vehicles to be stored or parked in a limited space. Automatic parking systems used to employ attendants during their early days, but today, these facilities are usually operated only through computers, making them a perfect match with Tesla’s tech-centric Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 has already landed in numerous territories, and it has already made a notable impact on countries such as the United States and Norway. While Tesla’s Model 3 VINs have already reached the 400,000 range as of late, the vehicle’s international ramp is only partly complete. RHD markets such as Japan are yet to be saturated by the electric sedan, and the greater Chinese region is yet to be immersed in a wave of Model 3 that is locally produced from Gigafactory 3.

Tesla showcases why the Model 3 is perfect for small parking spaces
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