Tesla Model 3 “Ludicrous” leaks tease key features

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The hype surrounding the upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance “Ludicrous” is becoming more notable, with alleged leaks for the upcoming vehicle’s infotainment system teasing some key features. These include, among other things, an apparent active suspension system and an “Insane” mode acceleration setting. 

Tesla has been pretty quiet about the Model 3 Performance’s successor, though sightings of the vehicle have been increasing in frequency in the past weeks. Just a few days ago, an image of what appeared to be a fully uncovered new Model 3 Performance at the Kennedy Space Center was shared online. This hinted that Tesla may be conducting some tests of the vehicle at the Launch and Landing Facility, which is located in the area. 

Another set of leaks soon made the rounds in social media, one of which seemed to show the upcoming vehicle’s UI in action. The video was very brief, but it did show a number of key features that are yet to be announced by Tesla. These include a carbon fiber dash inlay, and an “Insane Mode” acceleration setting, which is quite interesting as the vehicle could also be seen with a Ludicrous Mode badge in the infotainment system. 

Other features that could be seen in the brief video leak include Auto Shift. Interestingly enough, the Pedals & Steering settings tab has been changed to “Dynamics,” which is the same as the Cybertruck. Most importantly, the vehicle also had two suspension settings: Standard and Sport, which suggests that the Model 3 Performance successor has an active suspension system. 

M3 Ludicrous – Engineering Car details
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Other apparent leaks from the upgraded Model 3 Performance, which was posted on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, also provided some details from what seemed like an engineering vehicle. Features teased in the leak included a 2170 Panasonic Battery Pack, a CATL 16V low voltage battery, “Performance Chassis,” “PUR Premium Seats,” and Active Suspension. 

Watch a short video of the new Model 3 Performance leak in the video below.

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Tesla Model 3 “Ludicrous” leaks tease key features
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