Tesla Asia’s latest ad features Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen

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Tesla has been boosting its advertising and public education efforts over the last several months, with many executives and employees discussing the company’s electric vehicles (EVs) and other products more publicly and regularly. In one video shared on social media over the weekend, the company’s head of design discussed futuristic aesthetics for the company’s vehicles, along with a call to action for other automakers and more.

In a video posted by the Tesla Asia account on X on Saturday evening, Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen talks in a behind-the-scenes format about designing “products that felt like the future” — a topic the automaker has regularly discussed over the years, especially with the release of the Cybertruck.

Tesla launches advertising on X in the U.S., expanding ‘small scale’ strategy outlined by Musk

He notes that the notion of vehicle design needing to look like the future initially came from one of CEO Elon Musk’s children, along with a few other interesting details. For one, he notes that the updated Model 3 pays homage to the original Roadster with its full “Tesla” lettering on the rear (rather than just the “T” logo).

Beyond the Model 3 and the Cybertruck, von Holzhausen talks a little bit about the Model S, saying that he and Musk were often discussing “where the ball is going to, not what’s happening today.”

The designer also points out that he originally joined Tesla because of his interest in advancing sustainability, even going on to encourage other automakers to help the world transition to EVs.

“I mean it’s great to hear, I think, in China there are going to be more EVs sold than ICE cars,” von Holzhausen said. “What a great moment to celebrate kind of this transition. It’s hard for one company to do all of that alone. And so we want other people to learn from what we’ve learned to help ultimately make our clients that’s a lot of competition.”

“But competition makes us stronger makes us better, keeps us in the forefront.”

You can watch the video on the Tesla Asia account on X here, or below.

Tesla’s latest efforts in advertising and education

Tesla has clearly been experimenting with advertising via social media platforms and more over the last several months. This includes the company’s shift toward having executives, engineers, and other employees interacting directly with owners and fans on X, alongside increased media appearances around the Cybertruck launch.

Along with this and other recent appearances from von Holzhausen, Tesla has been sharing more “citizen-journalism” style content, including a livestream posted by the automaker’s North America account on Friday. Held at one of the company’s stores near the factory in Fremont, California, the livestream features an employee named Brenda answering questions about the Model Y, as can be seen below (or here).

As yet another example of recent advertising, Tesla earlier this month had a Cybertruck towing a Model Y encased in glass, featuring the caption, “The Best-Selling Car in the World is Made in America.”

Along with these, there are countless other examples that have been rolling out, after Musk said at last year’s annual shareholder’s meeting that Tesla would begin advertising. The comment followed feedback and questions from many Tesla shareholders as to why the company wasn’t advertising to at least help educate the public and fight misinformation on EVs.

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Tesla Asia’s latest ad features Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen
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