Tesla Model 3 and Model Y see shorter delivery wait times in China

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

With a few weeks left in 2023, Tesla China seems to be focusing its resources on the domestic Chinese market. This was hinted at in a recent update to Tesla China’s online configurator, which showed that the wait times for both the Model 3 and Model Y have been adjusted. 

As per Tesla China’s official website, the estimated wait times for the Giga Shanghai-made Model 3 and Model Y Long Range are now listed at 2-6 weeks. Previously, the estimate for the Model 3 Long Range’s wait time was listed at 6-9 weeks, while the Model Y Long Range was listed at 6-8 weeks. Other versions of the Model 3 and Model Y currently on sale in China are listed with an estimated delivery date of 2-6 weeks as well. 

With the updated timeframe for vehicle orders in place, those who place an order for the Model 3 Highland or the revamped Model Y in China today may still be able to take delivery of their new vehicle by the end of the month. This should help Tesla China boost its domestic deliveries this Q4 2023. 

While Tesla China has not explained the Giga Shanghai-made Model 3 and Model Y’s updated wait times, the adjustments could point towards a focus on the domestic Chinese market. Over the course of Q4, Tesla watchers have observed that the electric vehicle maker has been exporting several batches of vehicles abroad this quarter. Earlier this month alone, a fleet of Right Hand Drive (RHD) Teslas was spotted in the Shanghai South Port, ready to be shipped abroad. 

As noted in a CNEV Post report, the shorter wait times in the Model 3 and Model Y could also hint at a smooth production ramp at Giga Shanghai. The facility, after all, is the sole Tesla factory that currently produces the Model 3 Highland and the refreshed Model Y, which features a slightly updated interior. 

Further hints of Tesla’s strong demand in the Chinese domestic market come from reports about the Model Y RWD. A leaked document circulated by Tesla salespeople on social media suggests that the base Model Y is approaching near-sellout status in China for 2023. This is quite unsurprising as the Model Y RWD offers Tesla’s industry-leading tech and features at a reasonable price. 

Tesla China offers two variants of the Model 3: a base RWD version that’s offered at RMB 261,400 ($36,995) before options, and a Long Range All Wheel Drive (AWD) variant that starts at RMB 297,400 ($42,085). The Model Y, on the other hand, is offered in three variants: a base RWD that starts at RMB 266,400 ($37,698), a Long Range AWD that starts at RMB 306,400 ($43,360), and a Performance variant that starts at RMB 363,900 ($51,498), respectively. 

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Tesla Model 3 and Model Y see shorter delivery wait times in China
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