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Tesla Model 3 teardown expert is exasperated with analysts’ inaccurate data

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Auto teardown expert Sandy Munro knows a thing or two about the Tesla Model 3. After initially criticizing the electric sedan for its build quality, Munro eventually experienced a change of heart as he delved deeper into the Model 3’s electronics and tech. By the end of his analysis, the teardown expert admitted that the vehicle made him “eat a lot of crow.”

Tesla and Munro have since communicated, with the auto veteran sending the electric car maker a list of over 200 pro bono suggestions that could improve the Model 3’s body, which he believed was over-engineered. Munro himself spoke with Elon Musk, who explained that the person responsible for the Model 3’s body design had been terminated. In response, Munro told the CEO that the response was “not fast enough,” since Tesla “never should have hired (the engineer)” in the first place.

Munro has talked about the Tesla Model 3 and his findings several times in the past, particularly when he gets featured as a guest in YouTube’s Autoline After Hours. In his recent appearance, the teardown expert discussed the opportunities for Tesla and the Model 3 in China, as well as the rapid progress of large-scale construction projects such as Gigafactory 3. Munro also showed some exasperation with some of the assumptions being thrown at Tesla by analysts.

“I found a new source of pain. Analysts, talking about things. Holy mackerel, where these guys get their ideas from, or where they get their information from is beyond me, but I can tell you one thing for sure. I know they didn’t tear apart one of these cars. I know they don’t really look at what it is that’s going on. I’m sure they’re good readers. Readers are leaders, but sometimes, they’re liars,” Munro noted.

Munro related that he has personally dealt with some of these bad data in the past. Emphasizing his point, the teardown expert stated that some of the assumptions being thrown about the company are flat-out untrue.

“Quite frankly, I’ve been on a few of these little shows and somebody says, ‘Well, you know, such-and-such from wherever says this.’ And I’m sitting there and going, ‘Ah, that’s not true.’ ‘Well, he said it was.’ I said ‘Oh, it’s not true.’ And then I’ll reach over like, I’ve got my books right over here. Somebody says something that I know is not true, I’ve got pictures, I’ve got numbers, I got data up the yin-yang. There’s nobody gonna argue with me, that’s for sure. And if I don’t know the answer, I got a whole 90 guys that’ll (be) happy to tell you which ends up. These other guys, I don’t know, I think it’s web searches and blogs and who knows, I don’t know. But it ain’t, it’s not for real,” Munro said.

One thing that really impressed Munro with the Tesla Model 3 was the vertical integration between the electric sedan’s software and hardware. The way that Tesla uses one component for multiple tasks was also lauded as a big advantage against rival automakers. The teardown expert has also spoken very highly of Tesla’s batteries, stating that the Model 3’s 2170 cells are the best that he has seen yet, being far above those that are used in the Chevy Bolt EV and BMW i3.

Watch Sandy Munro’s take on analyst’s inaccuracies in the video below.

Tesla Model 3 teardown expert is exasperated with analysts’ inaccurate data
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