Tesla’s Early Access Program teases visuals for oncoming traffic in V10 update

(Image: Tesletter/Twitter)

Tesla’s Version 10 firmware update is in the testing phase for Early Access Program (EAP) participants, and among the features included is the addition of oncoming traffic visualizations to the on-screen vehicle avatar. In addition, the avatar view can be seamlessly modified similar to a map application with zoom and rotate functions. So far, these new updates have only been noted on the Tesla Model 3.

The purpose of Tesla’s EAP is to gather feedback from participants for further improvements; however, when such features are shared online, the broader community has the ability to comment on updates as well. In the case of the additional avatar features, suggestions were made to differentiate the coloring between oncoming and same-side traffic for better clarification on the screen. The most positive response to the avatar seemed to be the lack of any drag or delay when zooming and rotating despite the feature operating in real-time. This is a nod to Tesla’s advanced computer processor.

As part of the updated visualizations, the style of surrounding traffic looks to now be more accurately rendered also. Twitter user Tesletter posted images of the avatar screen containing pickup trucks portrayed alongside semi trucks, SUVs, and sedans. One speculation for this change was to prepare for Tesla’s own truck coming to market eventually along with the Tesla Semi.

Tesla’s V10 update will come with a few other features aside from the avatar updates. Significant Autopilot enhancements are expected, but one feature that’s been undergoing extensive user testing is Enhanced Summon. EAP participant videos were published throughout the summer demonstrating the advances being made, most notably in parking lot behavior. Initial testing showed a slow and overly cautious program, but the most recent videos show Tesla vehicles taking on shadows and speed bumps and driving more confidently to their selected parking lot destinations.

The broader release for Tesla’s V10 firmware was estimated to be released by the end of last month, but there have obviously been some unsurprising delays. CEO Elon Musk anticipated as much in recent conversations on Twitter. “Depends on how release to owners with early access goes, but hopefully wide release by end of August,” he predicted in response to a question about V10’s timeline at the end of July. He later predicted a wide release was still 4 to 8 weeks away in mid-August.

Tesla’s Early Access Program teases visuals for oncoming traffic in V10 update
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