Tesla Model 3 with white interior spotted near Palo Alto showroom

A red Tesla Model 3 with white interior and manufacturer plates was recently spotted near the company’s OSH showroom in Palo Alto, CA.

Michael Anderson posted a series of photos of the Model 3 with white seats, black center console and white headliner to the Tesla Model 3 Facebook group, where the pictures received a considerable reaction from the online community. While several members of the group found the car’s white seats and black and white interior fantastic, some of the community’s members had some notable observations about the yet-to-be-released Model 3 interior option.

As could be seen in Anderson’s photos, Tesla appears to have changed the color scheme of the Model 3’s interior from its design when the car was first unveiled. During the March 31 unveiling of the electric car back in 2016, the Tesla Model 3 prototype with white seats featured a predominantly white center console. If the Model 3 photographed in the OSH store is any indication, however, Tesla appears to have opted for a black center console in the production model instead. The vehicle’s headliner, which was black in the prototype unit during the unveiling, was also changed to white.

Photo: Michael Anderson via Facebook

Overall, the changes in the car’s interior color scheme have managed to polarize the Tesla Model 3 Facebook community. Some, for one, noted that they preferred the clean look of the Model 3’s white interior in the 2016 unveiling. Others stated that the stark, two-toned theme featured in the Model 3 at the OSH showroom looked more refined.

The material used for the white seats in the Model 3 appears to be the same “Ultra White” synthetic leather that Tesla uses for the Model S and X. Made of faux leather, the material is advertised by Tesla as an aesthetically pleasing, stain-resistant option. Designed and manufactured by the California-based electric car maker and energy firm itself, Tesla’s Ultra White seats have proven popular among owners, with CEO Elon Musk calling the material “the best.”

As we noted in a previous report, Tesla’s Ultra White seats are actually quite tough, capable of resisting stains from substances that could easily compromise conventional auto upholstery. In a video from Tesla-themed YouTube channel Like Tesla, Kim and her husband decided to put their Model X’s Ultra White faux leather to the test by deliberately spilling coffee, apple juice and ketchup on one of their car’s seats. As revealed in the couple’s video, the Model X’s seat came away unscathed, ultimately proving that Tesla’s Ultra Whites don’t just look good; they’re pretty resilient too.

Tesla Model 3 with white interior spotted near Palo Alto showroom
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