Tesla Model X “Ultra White” seats tested against coffee spill and ketchup stains

Elon Musk was right. Tesla’s synthetic leather “Ultra White” seats are indeed the best. Beyond being vegan-friendly and outright gorgeous especially when set against a dark colored car, Tesla’s CEO has on many accounts shared his preference for the Ultra White seating option – currently only available on the Model X – calling it “the best”.

When asked whether the durability of the seats would fare well against young children, Musk revealed that the Ultra White performed better than other colors through stain tests.

Though that sounds amazing, how would one every know if it were true? The thought of an ultra bright white material resistant to staining seems absurd.


One brave Tesla Model X family took to video to show just how stain-proof  the white seats can be by putting it through a stain test. Armed with coffee, ketchup and a child’s juice box, the hosts behind the Like Tesla YouTube channel pour each of the substances onto the white seats (not for the faint of heart). According to Tesla’s Model X design configurator, the Ultra White interior costs an additional $2,500 and is covered with a stain resistant coating.

Let’s see how it performs when faced with the dreaded coffee spill, and more.


Tesla Model X “Ultra White” seats tested against coffee spill and ketchup stains
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