Tesla Model S deliveries accelerate as Q2 2021’s end approaches

Credit: Tesla Fremont Flyover/YouTube

With the end of the second quarter approaching, Tesla seems determined to ensure that it delivers as many Model S sedans as possible. This was hinted at by sightings of the refreshed premium sedan, both in the Fremont Factory grounds and on car carrier trucks on the road. 

Just days after Tesla formally delivered the first batch of the Model S Plaid, drone flyovers of the Fremont Factory revealed that the company is now producing the vehicle en masse. This was highlighted in a flyover from drone operator and Tesla enthusiast Tesla Fremont Flyover, who was able to capture footage of large groups of Model S around the facility. 

But this is not all. Sightings from the Tesla community suggest that some of the newly refreshed Model S are also on their way to their customers. This was hinted at in videos and images shared on social media, several of which featured Model S Plaid units being transported by car carriers. Coupled with the growing fleet of Model S in the Fremont Factory, it appears that Tesla is ensuring that the newly re-released vehicle makes it to customers before the quarter ends. 

There are only two weeks left in the second quarter. And considering Tesla’s tendency to initiate a massive end-of-quarter push, there seems to be a pretty good chance that the company would do what it can to deliver as many cars as possible before the end of the month. The Tesla Model S is a high-margin vehicle, after all, which means that such efforts should help the company’s Q2 financials. 

The new Tesla Model S has been received well by the electric vehicle community, with owners of the vehicle and those that have tried it out lauding it for its performance and its set of new features. The Model S Plaid is proving itself every bit of a monster on the track and drag strip too, as hinted at in videos shared by owners and companies like Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance online. The Model S Long Range, which starts at $79,990, is also a bang-for-the-buck electric car, with its 405-mile EPA range and its bleeding-edge tech. 

Watch a recent video of the Fremont Factory below. 

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Tesla Model S deliveries accelerate as Q2 2021’s end approaches
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