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Tesla Model S and Model X sales revived to five-year highs in Q4

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Tesla Model S and Model X sales reached levels that have not been seen in five years.

Tesla reported the company’s sales figures for Q4 today, confirming that it reached its 1.8 million unit production and delivery goal for the year. As usual, the Model 3 and Model Y managed to make up a vast majority of the sales, making up over 90 percent of the company’s sales mix for the year.

For the quarter, the Model S and Model X were grouped with the Cybertruck, which started initial deliveries in late November, but the all-electric pickup’s contributions to the figure were minuscule. Tesla likely delivered less than 100 units in November and December, but for whatever reason, the company is keeping the exact number under wraps.

With that being said, 22,969 of those “other models,” including the Model S and Model X, were sold and delivered during the final quarter of 2023. This is a five-year high, outpacing any quarter since 2019 (via Saywer Merritt):

Tesla Model S and Model X deliveries were as low as 2,000 units, which occurred in Q1 2021 as the company revamped both models and did not produce any of the past builds, and as high as 19,225, which happened in Q2 2023.

The vehicles have quickly become an extremely small sliver of what Tesla delivers and produces on a quarterly and annual basis, and CEO Elon Musk said a few years ago there was only one reason for the Model S and Model X still being produced.

Tesla’s Q1 ’21 Deliveries prove Elon Musk was right about the Model S and X in 2019

“I mean, they’re very expensive, made in low volume. To be totally frank, we’re continuing to make them more for sentimental reasons than anything else. They’re really of minor importance to the future,” Musk said in 2019. “They’re great cars. I mean, the Model S literally won MotorTrend’s best car ever in history, by the way. It’s incredible, especially the new one with variable damping suspension, hospital operating room, HEPA filter for air purification, the raven powertrain. It’s the fastest car in the world, and it’s just so easy to drive. It makes you feel like Superman driving that car. It’s incredibly safe. It’s just an amazing vehicle.”

Although the numbers for the Model S and Model X were stronger, they could be attributed to lower prices for the premium vehicles. Additionally, the Model X’s Long Range configuration qualified for tax credits, making it even more accessible to consumers.

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Tesla Model S and Model X sales revived to five-year highs in Q4
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