Tesla Model S new colors coming soon

Remember how the Roadster had all sorts of great colors to choose from, ranging from a blazing hot orange, to a baby powder blue, and a striking metallic blue? How come the Model S never got those beautiful color schemes?

Model S news colors are coming!

Well, rejoice. A Teslarati tipped us off that he just spoke to a BASF representative from Detroit, a company known for its automotive paint, who is showcasing a color selection at Tesla’s Design Studio in Hawthorne, CA. The company laid out color disks on the front lawn, leading us to believe it is looking to add more tones to the Model S and the upcoming Model X. The new colors are close to the wider palette available on the Roadster, as you can see from the pictures.

Tesla-New-Colors-Palette-2 Tesla-New-Colors-Palette-1 Tesla-New-Colors-Palette-3

While the Model S comes with sober colors, we feel a wider variety would bring more panache, to an already elegant electric vehicle (EV). We can’t help but wonder what would a Roadster Orange paint look like on a Model S. One easy conclusion we can speculate on is that the current color scheme isn’t resonating as much as it should with potential buyers. Tesla might be looking for something a little edgier. We also believe, the European and Asian market will drive a new and increased demand for a more varied color palette. China is also a potential market for Tesla. The company will want to make sure it has anticipated the demand and adapt to the culture. In other words, what works here might not over there.

We’re excited to see the Model S robe itself with different tones. It certainly deserves more. The only question is, what color should we make our next one?

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