Tesla Model S P100D vs. 100D: Is it worth the extra $36k to upgrade?

If you’re on a market for a Tesla Model S and debating between the purchase of a Ludicrous P100D and a 100D, a new video by Drag Times might just help you make that decision. Both vehicles are all-wheel drive powered by dual electric motors. They’re both equipped with Tesla’s largest 100kWh battery pack and capable of 300-plus miles of driving range. The P100D can travel 315 miles (507 kilometers) per single charge while the Model S 100D can achieve 335 miles (539 kilometers) of range. Both vehicles also share identical choice of upgrades, including Autopilot, 22″ Turbine wheels, a sunroof, and Tesla’s Premium Upgrades package. But that’s where the similarities end.

Tesla’s flagship Model S P100D dubbed as the “world’s quickest production car” and can rocket from 0-60 mph in a scant 2.5 seconds. A recent acceleration test of the Model S 100D by Drag Times revealed that the car is able to deliver a very respectable 0-60 mph time in 3.6 seconds, though Tesla markets it at 4.1 seconds.

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However, having exotic-car-defeating super strength will cost you roughly one-third more than a comparably equipped 100D. Tesla charges a $36,000 premium to upgrade a Model S 100D to a P100D. The performance difference between both Model S variants is staggering, as Drag Times demonstrates in their latest drag race battle between the Model S P100D vs. 100D.

Despite the notable difference in acceleration, one has to ask: Is it worth the money to shave off an extra 1-second off of your 0-60 mph time? 

Tesla Model S P100D vs. 100D: Is it worth the extra $36k to upgrade?
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