The Tesla Model S Performance’s 348-mile EPA range is actually underrated

(Photo: Tesla Photographer/Instagram)

The Tesla Model S Performance recently underwent a range test to determine its ability to live up to the EPA-estimated 348-mile range rating. The results managed not only to prove that the performance-oriented vehicle is still very efficient, and it is capable of meeting Tesla’s estimates for its overall range.

When testing range efficiency for vehicles on the highway, the EPA maintains a 48.3 mph speed to ensure accuracy during a car’s assessment. However, during the test, which was performed by veteran Tesla Model S owner Sean Mitchell, the vehicle was driven at the speed limit. This required the car to travel well above the 48.3 mph threshold used by the EPA. This factor makes the results of the test that much more impressive.

The trip spanned 168 miles from the eastern portion of the Denver Metropolitan area to Kanorado, Kansas. Completing the journey would require 336 miles of range.

Mitchell explained he was not too sure if the Model S, which was manufactured in March 2020, would be able to complete the trip in one charge because of his increased speed in the highway. However, the results surprised him after the Model S Performance managed to beat EPA estimates by 5 miles.

Mitchell’s trip spanned to 335.9 miles, with 17 miles to spare on the charge. Total travel time was four minutes shy of five hours. The weather certainly did not seem to play a factor in determining the vehicle’s range because temperatures were between 72 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the drive. Usually, EVs lose some range when traveling in colder climates due to increased energy output to keep the vehicle’s battery pack warm.

The range efficiency and performance of the car were not the only things that impressed Mitchell, who is a dedicated electric vehicle enthusiast. The Model S has a lowered suspension setting that improves highway performance. Lowered suspension at higher speeds increases aerodynamics by decreasing drag and encouraging more efficient air displacement. The feature undoubtedly helped the Model S in its real world test.

The Model S has two variants: the Long Range Plus AWD that boasts a 392-mile EPA range rating, and the Performance. Both vehicles boast impressive 0-60 times, with the Performance reaching the 60 mph mark in 2.3 seconds, well into supercar territory. Although the Model S Performance is  Tesla’s most expensive vehicle with a starting price of $94,990, the combination of speed and efficiency is undoubtedly something very few cars have, making it an ideal choice for anyone who can afford its lofty price tag.

Watch Sean Mitchell’s range test of the Model S Performance below.

The Tesla Model S Performance’s 348-mile EPA range is actually underrated
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