Tesla Model S Performance hailed as one of Best Modern Muscle Cars in the world

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The Tesla Model S has been recognized as one of Edmunds’ “Top 10 Modern Muscle Cars of 2020,” making it the only electric vehicle to make the cut in the publication’s list of impressively fast cars.

Edmunds recognizes the Model S Performance as one of the “best modern muscle cars in the world.” While Tesla’s flagship sedan has won many awards, from “Car of the Decade” to “Best Car to Buy” over its eight-year tenure in the auto market, its recognition as a muscle car is particularly impressive.

The term “muscle car” was derived from the late 1960s and early 1970s when American vehicles with sporty designs and impressive performance backed by powerful V8 engines were all the rave. The Pontiac GTO and the Chevy Chevelle were just two of the most notable cars that were classified in the “muscle” category. These loud, fast, powerful machines were groundbreaking on their own because they introduced American car enthusiasts to the beginning of loud and quick street-legal vehicles.

The automotive sector is continuously evolving and changing. In 2020, muscle cars are still a thing, and they’re sleeker, more aesthetically pleasing vehicles. However, never has a quiet, battery-powered vehicle ever been recognized as a “muscle car.” While the Model S Performance is undoubtedly one of the fastest cars in the world, something about its lack of a petrol-powered engine always kept it excluded from these lists.

Edmunds finally took a leap of faith and included the 2.3 seconds 0-60 mph, 163 mph top speed Model S Performance to its list. Fully recognizing the consequences that the publication may feel from some of the automotive industry’s most seasoned enthusiasts, a turn in automotive tides has certainly given Tesla reason to have a spot on the list.

The Model S Performance is fast, and there is no doubt about that. Its two electric motors provide it with 684 horsepower, according to Tesla. But its additional driving options, like Ludicrous Plus Mode, give a driver the ability to pack even more of a punch with the press of a few buttons on the car’s massive centrally-located touchscreen.

Its electric motors also give the car something that no gas-powered engine will ever have: instant torque. This feature allows the Model S to consistently outperform even the most sophisticated and powerful engines in the world in the quarter-mile. With additions like Cheetah Launch Mode, which lowers the front body to allow for superior aerodynamic performance, the Model S continues to improve, leaving no doubt that it deserves a spot on the list.

With a price of $99,990, anyone who wants the Model S will undoubtedly pay a high price, but its performance specifications are well worth it. Edmunds agrees.

The full list of Edmunds’ Best Modern Muscle Cars is available here.

Tesla Model S Performance hailed as one of Best Modern Muscle Cars in the world
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