Tesla Model Y test drives are coming

The Tesla Model Y (Credit: MotorTrend)

The Tesla Model Y will be available for test drives at company showrooms soon. The vehicle now appears on Tesla’s test drive website, joining the Model 3, Model S, and Model X.

Tesla owner-enthusiasts from Tesletter recently shared an email that they received from the electric car maker. According to the message, test drives for all vehicles, including the recently released Model Y, would be available soon. The email was sent from Tesla’s Walnut Creek, California showroom.

“I am reaching out regards to your interest in Tesla ownership! We are currently welcoming orders and Test Drives for our next deliveries because there is still uncertainty as to when we’ll fully ramp production and be able to deliver all vehicles,” the email says.

Scheduling a test drive is as easy as visiting Tesla’s company website and finding a nearby showroom. What is even cooler about the test drive process is that many showrooms have some of Tesla’s quickest cars available, giving anyone the opportunity to experience the speed of the Model S, the comfort of the Model X, the handling of the Model 3, and now, the spaciousness of the Model Y.


Either way, the Model Y will be arriving at any of the company’s showroom locations within the United States. Tesla has adopted a touchless test drive process to comply with social distancing measures. The company has also utilized this strategy with its delivery process to ensure the safety of consumers when picking up their brand new electric vehicles.


After beginning the initial deliveries of the Model Y in mid-March 2020, the production of the car was halted by shutdowns at the company’s Fremont facility where the car is manufactured. This was due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, which effectively put a stop to vehicle manufacturing activities across the globe.

Even though the halt in production at Fremont inhibited Tesla from building cars for nearly two months, the Model Y was produced in higher volumes than the Model 3 was in Shanghai. The company mentioned this during its Q1 2020 Update Letter, which noted that build efficiencies contributed significantly to this milestone.

Currently, Tesla is offering the Long Range AWD and Performance variants of the Model Y. Both cars are available for order now, while the Standard Range version is expected to begin production in early 2021.

Tesla Model Y test drives are coming
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