Tesla Model S Plaid is launching in China this coming March

(Credit: Tesla)

The Tesla Model S Plaid will be coming to China in March, remarked Elon Musk. With Musk’s timeline, Plaid deliveries could start in China sometime in late Q1 2022 or early in the second quarter. 

Tesla Model S Plaid vehicles sold in China will be exported from the Fremont Factory in California. At the 2021 Annual Shareholders Meeting a few months ago, Elon Musk mentioned that Fremont was getting a little too crowded for Tesla. The EV manufacturer plans to expand the Fremont Factory by 50% in the coming months. 

Demand for the Model S Plaid appears steady since Tesla started deliveries in the second quarter on June 10. The Plaid has received many praises, including from car critic Doug DeMuro who is described as “not a Tesla fanboy.” During his review, DeMuro remarked that the Model S Plaid is “truly fantastic, and it’s quite possibly the best all-around car ever made.”

The Model S Plaid has also set a record on the Nürburgring in Germany with a time of 7:30.909 at 166.320 km/h (103.35 MPH). It was a completely unmodified Model S Plaid vehicle, with factory brakes and tires.

With the addition of the Model S Plaid, Tesla China appears to have a full schedule for Q1 2022 already. Giga Shanghai will start Model Y Performance deliveries in China by the end of this year and probably ramp production throughout the first quarter of 2022. Model Y RWD and Model 3 RWD units are already sold out for the remainder of the year, and estimated deliveries are now set for Q1 2022. 

Giga Shanghai will also probably still export vehicles to Europe in the first quarter. Brandenburg’s State Office of the Environment still hasn’t approved Tesla Giga Berlin’s permit. Giga Berlin needs full approval from the State Office of the Environment to start operations and Model Y production. Even if Giga Berlin were to start production by the first quarter of 2022, it remains to be seen when Tesla would begin delivering vehicles from the factory. 

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Tesla Model S Plaid is launching in China this coming March
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