Tesla Model Y nabs another award in the Compact & Large BEV SUV category

(Credit: Tesla)

The Tesla Model Y nabbed another award from Autovista 24, becoming a residual value champion in the Compact and Large Battery-Electric (BEV) SUV category. 

The Model Y competed against the Compact and Large BEV category against SUVs in the C, D, and E-segments. Autovista 24 looked at the top-five best-selling BEVs in the European market. 

According to Autovista 24, the Tesla Model Y’s coupé-like silhouette provides owners an efficient ride. The auto group stated that the Tesla Model Y is capable of driving ranges beyond 400 km (~249 miles). It also pointed out that the Model Y has the support of Tesla’s extensive Supercharger Network, easing any range anxiety new owners might have about their electric vehicle.

A Tesla spokesperson said: “This Award confirms our internal data and what our partners across Europe are telling us: Model Y is a safe investment. Model Y was the best-selling car overall globally and in Europe during the first quarter of 2023

“This outstanding sales performance and product desirability also continues well into the usable life of each vehicle giving it a remarkable resale value. Model Y was also awarded the highest overall score among all cars tested by Euro NCAP from 2020 to 2022.”

The spokesperson also pointed out that Tesla continues improving its products, like the Model Y, through original engineering and remote enhancements via over-the-air updates. 

The Model Y has won numerous awards globally. Tesla has high hopes for the all-electric crossover/SUV, and the Model Y is meeting expectations. 

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Tesla Model Y nabs another award in the Compact & Large BEV SUV category
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