Tesla examining StoreDot’s XFC Extreme Fast Charging batteries: report

Image used with permission for Teslarati. (Credit: Tom Cross)

A recent report has emerged suggesting that Tesla is currently examining the potential of StoreDot’s Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) battery technology. Israeli battery startup StoreDot has garnered a reputation as a producer of electric vehicle batteries that are capable of charging at very rapid speeds. 

While news of battery breakthroughs from startups are pretty much a dime a dozen, StoreDot’s claims about its XFC batteries have been validated by a third party in the past. Back in December, independent battery lab Shmuel De-Leon Energy (SDLE) tested StoreDot’s 30 Ah Pouch Cell XFC batteries. The lab concluded that the startup’s batteries boast superior rapid charging capability and high energy density of 300 Wh/kg.  

As noted in a report from USA Today, Tesla’s examination of StoreDot’s technology highlights the electric vehicle maker’s commitment to creating and developing the best batteries for its electric cars. If any, StoreDot’s XFC batteries should help Tesla’s vehicles become even more viable for long trips. StoreDot, after all, is aiming to improve its XFC batteries to be capable of charging 100 miles in five minutes by 2024. This is expected to further improve to 100 miles in three minutes in 2028, and 100 miles in two minutes by the end of the decade. 

As noted by the publication, the reported examination of StoreDot’s batteries by Tesla is not an indication that the two companies would be partnering in the future. However, it does highlight Tesla’s focus on pursuing next-generation battery technologies that could further improve its vehicle’s performance. Tesla’s extensive experience in battery management systems and vehicle integration also makes it an ideal company to test and potentially validate StoreDot’s work. 

Tesla is already looking to ramp up the development and production of its 4680 cells, which are already being equipped on some Model Y units from Gigafactory Texas. As Elon Musk has noted in the past, however, Tesla is still looking to secure more battery supply for its vehicles as the company pursues its aggressive production and delivery goals. Thus, while USA Today‘s report is still speculation at this point, it is within character for Tesla to consider the potential of technologies from startups like StoreDot. 

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Tesla examining StoreDot’s XFC Extreme Fast Charging batteries: report
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