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Tesla flexes Model Y AWD efficiency against its competitors

Credit: Tesla

Tesla flexed its Model Y All-Wheel-Drive as the most efficient electric SUV ever built in a Tweet on Sunday, which showed the vehicle’s energy usage compared to some of the most notable competitors on the market.

Tesla has always strived to create an extremely efficient vehicle, and through its years of R&D, as well as many years of expertise in EV manufacturing, it has successfully created some of the most energy-efficient cars in the sector.

While the company also prides itself in its face-melting performance, the ultimate goal is to offer a vehicle that allows people to travel the most miles with the least amount of energy used. This has helped more people alleviate their range anxiety, which has been one of the most popular arguments against buying an EV for some.

However, vehicles are becoming more efficient, and Tesla is evidently leading the pack, according to a new graphic the company’s Twitter account posted when it compared All-Wheel-Drive SUVs across the EV sector.

Tesla compared the Model Y All-Wheel-Drive to the Volkswagen ID.4, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Jaguar iPace, and Audi e-tron, displaying that the Model Y had a 20 percent higher efficiency rating than the Volkswagen ID.4, which was the second-most efficient car in the graphic.

Efficiency can be influenced by a number of things, including vehicle design, wind, and temperatures. However, the tests give each vehicle a fair chance to display its energy usage in equal conditions.

In real-world conditions, efficiency and range change, and automakers have come up with a variety of strategies to combat range loss in things like lower temperatures. Tesla, for example, employed the heat pump, with the Model Y being the first car that utilized the technology.

Tesla has a few of the most efficient All-Wheel-Drive SUVs on the market, according to ev-database.org, which recognizes the Model Y All-Wheel-Drive as the most efficient and the Model Y Performance as the third-most efficient AWD SUV in the European market, where offerings are just as plentiful as in the U.S.

Tesla is now offering the Model Y in other trim levels at price points that fall below the U.S. average cost of a new SUV or truck.

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Tesla flexes Model Y AWD efficiency against its competitors
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