Tesla Model Y tops China’s electric SUV segment despite April challenges

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla China had a challenging month in April, with drama ensuing in the Shanghai Auto Show due to a high-profile protest and the Model Y line being shut down for two weeks to make way for upgrades. Yet despite these headwinds, the Tesla Model Y still proved to be a formidable player in China’s electric crossover market. 

Based on data from the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), the locally produced Tesla Model Y was the country’s top electric SUV in April 2021, with 5,520 units insured over the month. This was despite the supply of the Model Y being constricted due to the shutdown of its production lines at Gigafactory Shanghai. 

Interestingly enough, China’s rankings for all-electric SUVs hint at consumers’ interest in vehicles that are created by companies that exclusively produce electric cars. Following the Tesla Model Y, for example, were the NIO ES6 and the NIO EC6, which had 3,302 and 2,484 insured units during the month. The Xpeng G3 also proved formidable, with 2,063 units insured in April 2021. 

In comparison, vehicles from legacy automakers such Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen exhibited far more conservative numbers last month in China. As per CATARC’s data, only 744 units of the Mercedes-Benz EQC and 738 units of the Volkswagen ID.4 X were insured last month. The Volkswagen ID.4 CROZZ, on the other hand, had 684 insured units. 

The all-electric crossover market has a lot of potential in China. This makes the Model Y an incredibly important vehicle for the domestic market. Hopefully, Tesla China’s two-week shutdown in April pays off, and the Model Y could continue its quiet domination of the country’s electric SUV segment in the coming months at a rate that’s even more impressive than before. If Tesla is able to accomplish this, then the Model Y could very well become the backbone of the EV maker’s sales in China. 

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Tesla Model Y tops China’s electric SUV segment despite April challenges
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